Japanese Style Park In Zhubei

By / April 29, 2017 / MJ Klein

MJ takes us to a park in Zhubei that features Japanese style torii gates.

2017 Lantern Festival

This year we went to Xinbu to check out the lantern festival, and streamed it on Brocast. We also saw this guy grilling meat over a wood fire, so naturally we have to include this!

Rueifong Night Market 瑞豐夜市

By / January 27, 2017 / Food, Night Market

Live Stream and Videos by MJ Klein Over the Chinese New Year holiday I streamed a few places in Gaoxiong.  The first of the places is the Rueifong Night Market, seen below on Youtube: I did a segment in 360 video, also on Youtube.  Please note that the 360 video cuts off abruptly at 20… [read more]

Xinzhu City God Temple

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The View From Taipei 101

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Magic Touch Sushi

By / September 24, 2016 / Food, Technology

In this episode, MJ takes us to the new Magic Touch sushi restaurant in Zhubei.  These automated delivery system restaurants are a Japanese import, and we love them in Taiwan! Below the broadcast are some still photos you can check out for better detail. For important information on viewing replays, please refer to this. LIVE… [read more]

Mid-Autumn Festival, Taiwan Style

In this broadcast, MJ crashes no less than 3 BBQ parties in the neighborhood!  In Taiwan, the Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋節, is less structured than other places, and over the years it has become a time for getting together with family and friends for grilling and drinking.  The featured image of this broadcast shows one of the… [read more]

Hukou Traditional Day Market, With Fantastic Taiwanese People!

One of the most unusual (and unforgettable) broadcasts MJ has ever done, you will love this walk though the traditional day market, and the fantastic people that he interacts with!  Especially funny if you can understand Chinese, MJ’s language skills are pushed to the limits and then some! We have embedded a Youtube version of… [read more]

Taoyuan Land Art Festival

Join MJ as he takes us to 2 sites on at the Taoyuan Land Art Festival, in the Yongan area.  We’ll show you some screen caps and maps after the broadcast below. For important information on viewing replays, please refer to this.            

Camping In Wufeng

By / August 26, 2016 / Family, Food, Leisure, Lifestyle

Let’s go camping in Taiwan! This 4-part series shows us a beautiful mountain campsite and a nearby area. MJ also shows us some of the camping equipment used in Taiwan, much of it locally produced.  There are 4 broadcasts in this single article.  See what it’s like to camp in the Taiwan mountains at an… [read more]

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