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MJ's Periscope RigMJ Klein has lived in Taiwan for 12 years, and has run a personal blog, TheNHBushman.com for 11 of those years.  Coming to Taiwan from New Hampshire, USA, MJ has a long history of live streaming, starting in 1996 with CU-SeeMe.  MJ was one of the first recording artists in the world to use live stream broadcasting during studio recording sessions in 1996 and 1997. Previous to this, MJ had a US national talk show on The Talk America Radio Network (and was concurrently the VP of Engineering for the network), called Modem Mania! about computer and network connectivity using dial-up modem communications, and the early days of personal internet activities.  MJ is a well-known businessman in Taiwan, and has contacts across a broad range of disciplines.  These days, MJ travels around Taiwan and shows us many interesting cultural, historical and just plain fun broadcasts using Periscope, and our YouTube Channel, Taiwan Live!

Please see John Ho’s interview with MJ, here.

Many people ask MJ about his equipment during his broadcasts.  Outside of equipment used for testing or reviews, MJ’s standard live streaming broadcast equipment consists of:
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Mobile Phone (gold color, seen in photo)

Zhiyun Tech Z1-Smooth-C Gimbal Stabilizer  (seen holding the phone in photo)

Lieqi Clip-on lens, x.65 (plus other focal lengths sometimes) (red color, seen in photo)

Huawei Mobile Wi-fi Hotspot, with Unlimited 4G Chunghua Telecom Data Plan (not shown in photo)

@TaiwanLiveTV    @MJKlein

MJ modifies and hacks just about everything he owns.  When live streaming outdoors in Taiwan, wind noise is often a problem.  This simple foam windscreen greatly reduces wind noise without degrading Foam Windscreenaudio quality.  The windscreen is designed to cover the microphone of the mobile device when it is placed in the gimbal stabilizer at the balance point (Samsung Galaxy S4 shown).

Below is a broadcast that MJ did on his personal channel that shows some simple tools one can create from PVC pipe that are useful for people who use gimbals (round cross-section gimbals).

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