LateNight Show

Over the last 2 years, MJ Klein has live streamed a talk show several times a week.  Totally informal, this show is sort-of a take on a national talk show, where the viewers (listeners on radio) would bring up topics for discussion.  This show is called #LateNight with MJ Klein🌙, and can be seen on our Youtube Channel.

You can join our #Latenight LINE group by scanning this QR code.

Recently, Rob Ebner, a long-time viewer came up with an idea to send postcards to the restaurant from where MJ usually broadcasts.  If you’d like to send a postcard, you may click on the link below and download the address information pdf file.  Print the page and use it for mailing labels.  To date we’ve received 14 postcards.  Be sure and sign the card so we know who sent it!  We have a beautiful card from Oahu, Hawaii, and we have no idea who sent it!

Mailing Labels For Post Cards

In the future, MJ may take this show to a full blown professional version.  In the meantime, enjoy the informal nature and feel free to join in and comment.


This music file is the TaiwanLiveTV Theme Song:

This music file is the extended version of the TaiwanLiveTV Theme Song:

Below, you’ll find the #LateNight shows for your convenience.  Please note that many of the shows were done on the MJ Klein YouTube Channel.  Taiwan Live is the new host channel for the show, so be sure to subscribe to that channel.

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