Meetup: February 21, 2018 in Boca Raton, Florida.  Local time, 17:30, at Shinju Japanese Buffet:


We do plan to live stream if circumstances permit.

Check out the live stream karaoke from Steve’s car!  Unfortunately, due to 2 flights being cancelled, I was late to this meetup.  Thanks to everyone who waited to meet me!

Meetup: January 14th, 2018: Dr. Koch will be back with several of your favorite live streamers!  JL, John in LA, Yuka, Jevons and I will be joining Kaspar! 

This meetup was a huge success!  Check out the videos below!


Meetup: 11/17/2017 with Dr. Kaspar Koch!

We had a great time with Kaspar down at Wenwen’s place!