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Important Information About Viewing Periscope Broadcasts on Taiwan Live!

Unfortunately, people often make inappropriate or purposefully offensive comments.  We call this activity “trolling” and the people that say these types of comments are called “trolls”. As a live-streaming broadcaster, the only thing that we can do about this is to block them using our Periscope app.  This removes the offender’s comments from that broadcast, but not from the web playback.  This is very important to note because you can still see all comments on our embedded replays because they play back from the Periscope website.  Be prepared for the fact that you may see offensive comments.

However, you are able to block a person’s comments while watching the replay here on Taiwan Live! (please note that this applies only to embedded Periscope broadcasts originating from Periscope).  Here’s what you do:

When you see an offending comment, just follow these directions below and you won’t see any further comments from that person during that replay only.  Refreshing the page, or viewing another broadcast will reset this feature.  You’ll need to block offenders each time you view a new broadcast (until this gets fixed by Periscope).

block troll 2


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