Let’s Ride The Taiwan High Speed Rail!

By / August 23, 2016 / Technology, Travel & Events

If you love technology, or trains – you’re going to love this!  We have 2 broadcasts to show you.  MJ starts out in the morning at Xinzhu station, and shows us what it’s like to board and ride the THSR on the way to Gaoxiong.  Unfortunately, the signal gets lost in the tunnel.  But, later in the afternoon, MJ gives us a good look at the Gaoxiong station, and there is boards a train for the return trip, and wow – the signal is great and we get to see the train ramp up to full speed – 300 kph!

In the second broadcast below, we had a considerable number of viewers (good!) which attracted spammers (bad!).  Unfortunately, until this situation is resolved with Periscope, all you can do when viewing replays, is to please refer to this for information on how to block comments you don’t like.

Please be aware that there are spam comments in the broadcast below.  For important information on viewing replays and blocking unwanted comments, please refer to this.

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