Zhubei Sunday Night Market

MJ introduces us to the night market in Zhubei, on Sunday night. The market is also open Thursday nights.

Often, people with agendas will disrupt broadcasters with their personal viewpoints, and tend to blame the broadcaster for what’s being shown during the broadcast.  At 4:00 in this broadcast Twitter/Periscope user @veganabolic started making stereotypical comments about dog, and tried to suggest that because people in Yulin, China have a dog festival, Taiwan is the same (actually arguing the point, and then becoming profane). Further comments from @veganabolic were subsequently blocked. If you would like to block those comments on this reply (or any other viewer’s comments), please refer to this.  Taiwan Live! would like to sincerely apologize to the wonderful people of Taiwan for the racist/stereotypical/prejudiced remarks of @veganabolic.

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