camping in wufeng

Camping In Wufeng

By / August 26, 2016 / Family, Food, Leisure, Lifestyle

Let’s go camping in Taiwan! This 4-part series shows us a beautiful mountain campsite and a nearby area. MJ also shows us some of the camping equipment used in Taiwan, much of it locally produced.  There are 4 broadcasts in this single article.  See what it’s like to camp in the Taiwan mountains at an… [read more]

ride the high speed rail

Let’s Ride The Taiwan High Speed Rail!

By / August 23, 2016 / Technology, Travel & Events

If you love technology, or trains – you’re going to love this!  We have 2 broadcasts to show you.  MJ starts out in the morning at Xinzhu station, and shows us what it’s like to board and ride the THSR on the way to Gaoxiong.  Unfortunately, the signal gets lost in the tunnel.  But, later… [read more]

2016 ghost month celebration

2016 Ghost Month Celebration

By / August 17, 2016 / Culture, Travel & Events

MJ walks around the neighborhood and shows the various tables setup with Ghost Month sacrifices.  As usual, if you need to block comments you don’t want to see, please refer to this.

the pigs of god

The Pigs Of God Festival

In this broadcast, MJ visits a temple in Yangmei, where a traditional Hakka festival is taking place.  Giant pigs are on display in a competition to grow the heaviest one.  After the broadcast ended, a local gentleman, Mr. Yeh introduced himself and offered to be interviewed and answer questions about his family’s entry in the… [read more]

longteng broken bridge

The Longteng Broken Bridge

Join MJ as he gives us an excellent view of the Longteng Broken Bridge 龍騰斷橋, in Sanyi Township, Miaoli County. In this episode, we walk up the steps to the top of the bridge approach, and do a walk-around the ruins. For important information on viewing replays, please refer to this.

hukou night market near our house, 3d

First 3D Broadcast On Periscope! The New Hukou Night Market

A brand new night market just opened in MJ’s neighborhood in Hukou!  MJ takes us along with him as he checks it out – all in 3D!  As far as we know, this is the first actual 3D broadcast that has ever been done on Periscope! For important information on viewing replays, please refer to… [read more]

zhubei sunday night market

Zhubei Sunday Night Market

MJ introduces us to the night market in Zhubei, on Sunday night. The market is also open Thursday nights. Often, people with agendas will disrupt broadcasters with their personal viewpoints, and tend to blame the broadcaster for what’s being shown during the broadcast.  At 4:00 in this broadcast Twitter/Periscope user @veganabolic started making stereotypical comments… [read more]

umbrella market, xinzhu

Umbrella Street Market In Xinzhu City

Take a leisurely walk with MJ down a Xinzhu city street, where a small traditional market forms every morning.  By late afternoon, the umbrellas are gone. For important information on viewing replays, please refer to this.

taiwan at night, xinchu

Taiwan At Night: Xinzhu FoodScope

MJ takes us long with him as he checks out some food vendors in Xinzhu City at night.  Check out how friendly Taiwanese people are! For important information on viewing replays, please refer to this.

2016 07-28 moon and iss

Early Morning ISS Flyby, Plus The Hubble Space Telescope

By / July 28, 2016 / SpaceScope

For important information on viewing replays, please refer to this. MJ brings us a beautiful overhead pass of the ISS.  At the beginning of the broadcast, MJ hunts for a sighting of the Hubble Space Telescope.  An object matching the bearing, elevation and flight path of the HST did appear, but it is not entirely… [read more]

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